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The Birthday Massacre - To Die For

Tighten your tie, boy
You're something to die for
But don't hold your breath now
You're just killing time
Tonight you can dream, boy
Imagine a whisper
If you can keep secrets
Then I'll tell you mine

Remember a promise you couldn't hold on to
Though it brings me to tears now
I need you to know
Look in my eyes, boy
Nothing like yours now
It seems that a lifetime
Is passing us by

So open your eyes...

This is forever but it won't last long
This is a memory that fades away in neverending
In the death of all
That's long been said and done before
We'll wish that we were something more

Stop wasting time, boy
You're late all your life, boy
They won't have the patience
For someone like you
Your memory's fading
I'll love you forever
I'll try to remember
I'll try to hold on

You're standing alone, boy
Waiting for dreams, boy
Waiting for something
To make them come true
Don't ever leave, boy
I'd miss you too much, boy
I'll never forget you
As long as I'm here

Terrified - Parabelle

Maybe there's a better way to say this
You're excused I'm bored of you too
I never hide what I'm thinking
But you don't care
So I'm holding on and nothings there
And you don't try
Are you too proud to say you love me out loud?
I know retaliation comes quickly
And you'll be begging on the floor
If you ever had your way
Do you think you could make us pure?

I looked in your eyes and
I was terrified by all your lies and
There was so much doubt that I couldn't count on you to get me out alive

Maybe there's a better way to do this
A poor excuse, well I'm sick of you too
And maybe there's a faster way to get through this
You're never there so I'm holding on and you don't care
And why, are you so loud
You had it all while I went without
And you know the feelings they fade quickly when the writings on the wall
And you know that I did right
And you know that I was pure

I looked in your eyes and
I was terrified by all your lies and
There was so much doubt that I couldn't count on you to get me out alive

You had a look, I'd never seen before
At least not that much
I saw hurt, I saw hurt, I saw hurt, but not that much

(When) I looked in your eyes and
You were terrified by all my lies
There was so much doubt
And you couldn't count on me to get you out alive...
Why don't you get out alive?

Jun. 25th, 2009

Today marks a sad day in history. Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett both died today. I can't believe it.

In these times of mourning lets remember to look at the happy and revolutionary times these people contributed to the world.

In your opinion, what is the cutest animal baby?

I think all animal babies are just too cute! But my favorites:

Fox kits!

Kittens of course!

Raccoon babies!

Lion Cubs

And to kick it old school (I loved these when i was 7)
Baby Penguins

Writer's Block: Gamer's Choice

What is your favorite old-school video game?

Mario Brothers 3 hands down. My sister and I would play that game over and over until our Nintendo broke :)

Almost Easy

White Horse - Taylor Swift

This song says everything...


I do post in this still. Just most of the time it's either friends only or private.

The Princess and the Pendulum

Ok, so here is what i wrote to send into the LAND writing contest. Wish me luck!

Fairytales don't always have happy endingsCollapse )